Parkinson's disease

Current Care Summary
Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Finnish Neurological Society

Current Care Guideline «Parkinsonin tauti»1 and Summary «Parkinsonin tauti»2 in Finnish

The treatment of Parkinson’s disease may be initiated with dopamine agonist or MAO-B-inhibitor for people under 60–65 years of age. For older patients, the treatment may also be started with levodopa. If there are motor complications, such as on-off-symptoms, apomorphin injections can be beneficial in addition to other medications. In the case of difficult on-off-symptoms and dyskinesias in spite of optimal treatment, deep brain stimulation, duodenal levodopa infusion and apomorphine infusion should be considered. Rehabilitation can improve gait speed and balance, decrease falls and improve speech. However, with advancing disease the results are not maintained if training is discontinued.

Eero Pekkonen (Chair)

Sari Atula

Jaana Autere

Johanna Eerola-Rautio

Valtteri Kaasinen

Mikko Kauppinen

Kirsti Martikainen

Hanna Ruottinen

Meri Viljamaa