Urinary tract infections

Current Care Summary
Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim, the Finnish Society of Nephrology, the Clinical Microbiologists Society, Infectious Diseases Society of Finland, the Finnish Medical Association of Clinical Chemistry, the Finnish Paediatric Society, the Finnish Urological Society and the Finnish Association for General Practice

Current Care Guideline «Virtsatieinfektiot»1 and Summary «Virtsatieinfektiot»2 in Finnish

The guideline is focused on the diagnostics and treatment of acute, recurrent and relapsing urinary tract infections in adults and children. Sexually transmitted diseases must be considered in differential diagnostics. Diagnosis and management of acute cystitis in otherwise healthy women aged 18–65 years can be based on structured interviews. The resistance prevalence of the causative microbes and the adverse effects of antimicrobial agents were considered important factors in selecting optimal therapeutic choices. Primary antimicrobial drugs for women are nitrofurantoin, pivmesillinam and trimetoprim for three days or single dose fosfomycin.

Maarit Wuorela (Chair)

Pekka Arikoski

Timo Kouri

Matti Laato

Juha Rannikko

Raija Sipilä

Terhi Tapiainen

Kirsi Valtonen

Risto Vuento