Current Care Summary
Working Group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Finnish Ophthalmological Society and the Finnish Glaucoma Society

Current Care Guideline «Glaukooma»1 and Summary «Avokulmaglaukooma»2 in Finnish

The up-date of the Finnish Current Care Guideline for glaucoma is based primarily on systematic reviews searched up by March 2014. The recommendations are presented in nine tables, which are based on 95 graded statements with evidence summaries. The on-line availability ( «»1) of the English translation of the guideline and evidence summaries enables the verification of the evidence and recommendations. Ten external stakeholders gave a mean value of 1.8 (range of 1 = completely agree to 4 = completely disagree) for the structured questions (e.g. definitions, goals, questions, target users) and judged the evidence and the recommendations.

Anja Tuulonen (Chair)

Eva Forsman

Juha Hagman

Mika Harju

Osmo Kari

Pirkko Lumme

Marja Luodonpää

Marko Määttä

Ville Saarela

Anu Vaajanen

Jorma Komulainen