Resuscitation (newborn)

Current Care Summary
The Working Group Set by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Finnish Society of Perinatology

Current Care Guideline «Elvytys (vastasyntynyt)»1 and Summary «Elvytys (vastasyntynyt)»2 in Finnish

Every newborn has a right to efficient resuscitation on demand in all Finnish delivery units. All delivery units must have a round-the-clock readiness for emergency C-section and resuscitation of the newborn, and medical doctors capable of these must be immediately available. Every newborn should be evaluated for the need for resuscitation. When needed, resuscitation should be started without delay. Resuscitation of the newborn includes stimulation, ventilation, chest compressions and other hemodynamic support, ventilation being the most important of these. Regular training is required to maintain and improve the resuscitation skills of the personnel.

Outi Tammela (Chair)

Piia Vuorela

Mari Juuti

Jaana Leipälä

Tiina Kemppainen

Marjo Metsäranta

Sanna Pylkkönen

Liisa Rovamo

Timo Saarela

Ulla Sankilampi

Hanna Soukka