Diabetes-related foot problems

Current Care Summary
A working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim, the Medical Advisory Board of the Finnish Diabetes Society, the Finnish Endocrine Society and the Finnish Dermatological Society

Current Care Guideline «Diabeetikon jalkaongelmat»1 and Summary «Diabeetikon jalkaongelmat»2 in Finnish

Foot ulcers due to neuropathy and/or ischemia, often complicated by infection, are a leading cause of hospitalisation and amputation in diabetic patients. Sensory neuropathy, foot abnormality, missing pulses and previous history of ulcers or amputation are risk factors for ulceration. Regular examination of feet and protective footwear reduce this risk. Off-loading the ulcer area promotes healing. Revascularisation improves the blood supply in cases where it has been compromised. Systemic antibiotics are only required in the case of acute foot infections and osteomyelitis with an underlying ulcer. Prevention and treatment of foot ulceration by multidisciplinary teams, including podiatric services, decreases amputations by up to 85%.

Tapani Ebeling (Chair)

Elina Heikkilä

Liisa Hiltunen

Vesa Juutilainen

Mari Kanerva

Heikki-Jussi Laine

Mauri Lepäntalo

Hanneli Saarikoski

Timo Sane

Jukka Toivonen

Erkki Tukiainen

Annikki Vaalasti

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