Peripheral arterial disease

Current Care Summary
A working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and Finnish Society for Vascular Surgery

Current Care Guideline «Alaraajojen tukkiva valtimotauti»1 and Summary «Alaraajojen tukkiva valtimotauti»2 in Finnish

Since peripheral arterial disease (PAD), is under-recognised by health care professionals and the public, it is sub-optimally treated compared to coronary and cerebrovascular disease. It’s prevalence is increasing alongside the ageing of the population and the growing incidence of diabetes. PAD increases the risk of cardiovascular events. Critical limb ischemia (CLI), the first manifestation of PAD in 60% of diabetics, leads to major amputation in 25–50% of cases during the first year. The treatment of risk factors, including antithrombotic therapy, is important, even in the case of asymptomatic patients. In CLI, revascularisation is indicated in order to avoid major amputations. The current guidelines are aimed at increasing knowledge of PAD and unifying diagnosis and treatment in Finland.

Mauri Lepäntalo (Chair)

Maarit Venermo

Tapani Ebeling

Markku Ellonen

Elina Heikkilä

Riitta Lassila

Pertti Loponen

Michael Luther

Hannu Manninen