Current Care Summary
Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Finnish Cardiac Society

Current Care Guideline «ST-nousuinfarkti»1 and Summary «ST-nousuinfarkti»2 in Finnish

This first Finnish STEMI guideline is based on scientific evidence and expert opinion. The guideline emphasises the concept of “STEMI centres”. The primary mode of revascularisation should be percutaneous coronary intervention in a large-volume centre within 120 min of the diagnosis. If this is not available, a prehospital fibrinolysis should be performed. Given the huge differences in the distances between and organisation of emergency services in Finland, locally adapted guidelines are required to ensure the timely treatment of STEMI patients.

Ilkka Tierala (Chair)

Markku Eskola

Leo Ihlberg

Markku Kuisma

Matti Niemelä

Jukka Lehtonen

Pirjo Mäntylä

Hannu Parikka

Timo Peisa

Pekka Porela

Marja Puurunen

Hannu Romppanen

Eija Vaula