Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in Children

Current Care Summary
Working Group Set by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim, the Finnish Society of Pediatrics and the Finnish Society of General Medicine

Current Care Guideline «Alahengitystieinfektiot (lapset)»1 and Summary «Alahengitystieinfektiot (lapset)»2 in Finnish

All respiratory viruses are capable of causing lower respiratory tract infections. Active testing of influenza viruses during influenza epidemics is recommended. Antitussive medications are ineffective and should not be used. Croup presenting with inspiratory stridor is recommended to be treated with oral corticosteroids and inhaled racemic adrenalin. Corticosteroids and inhaled racemic adrenalin are ineffective for the treatment of bronchiolitis. Inhaled salbutamol administered by a spacer (with a mask) is recommended for wheezy bronchitis. Amoxicillin is recommended for treating pneumonia at home and intravenous penicillin in hospital (combined with macrolide if mycoplasma is suspected). Pertussis is treated with azithromycin or clarithromycin.

Matti Korppi (Chair)

Janne-Juhana Aittoniemi

Johanna Immonen

Heli Jylkkä

Tuula Meinander (Current Care Editor)

Kirsi Nuolivirta

Ville Peltola

Eeva Salo

Raija Seuri

Terhi Tapiainen

Satu-Maaria Walle