Low back pain

Current Care Summary
Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and Societas Medicinae Physicalis et Rehabilitationis Fennia

Current Care Guideline «Alaselkäkipu»1 and Summary «Alaselkäkipu»2 in Finnish

Classification to severe diseases, sciatic symptoms or non-specific back pain is recommended. Radiography in acute or subacute non-specific back pain is not recommended in the primary health care. In specialized care magnetic resonance imaging is the main imaging modality. Importance of patient information is emphasized. In acute non-specific pain avoidance of bed rest, advice and paracetamol are recommended. Indications for an emergency referral should be considered. In disabling pain for 6 weeks, multidisciplinary measures are needed. Pain over 3 months indicates intensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation, and also surgery may be considered.

Timo Pohjolainen (Chair)

Ville Leinonen

Janek Frantzén

Maija Haanpää

Jukkapekka Jousimaa

Jaro Karppinen

Tiina Kuukkanen

Katariina Luoma

Jyrki Salmenkivi

Heikki Österman

Antti Malmivaara