Acute lower respiratory tract infection in adults

Current Care Summary
Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim, the Finnish Respiratory Society, Infectious Diseases Society of Finland and the Finnish Association for General Practice

Current Care Guideline «Alahengitystieinfektiot (aikuiset)»1 and Summary «Alahengitystieinfektiot (aikuiset)»2 in Finnish

Pneumonia is recognised in patients suffering from acute cough or deteriorated general condition. Patients with acute cough without pneumonia-related symptoms or clinical findings do not benefit from antimicrobial treatment. Those with suspected or confirmed pneumonia are treated with antibiotics, amoxicillin being the first choice. Most patients with pneumonia can be treated at home. Those with severe symptoms are referred to hospital. Patients are always encouraged to contact his/her physician if the symptoms worsen or do not ameliorate within 2–3 days. Patients aged 50 years or older and smokers are controlled by thoracic radiography in 6–8 weeks.

Pekka Honkanen (Chair)

Markku Broas

Jouni Hedman

Airi Jartti

Asko Järvinen

Markku Koskela

Tuula Meinander

Hannu Puolijoki

Ulla Rautakorpi

Hannu Syrjälä