Stable Coronary Artery Disease

Current Care Summary
Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Finnish Cardiac Society

Current Care Guideline «Stabiili sepelvaltimotauti»1 and Summary in Finnish «Stabiili sepelvaltimotauti»2

This guideline covers coronary heart disease symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Stable coronary heart disease refers to a disease in, which patients have stable symptoms and evidence of ischemia or significant stenosis of coronary artery. Diagnosis is based on medical history and exercise test, which is the primary diagnostic test. Coronary angiography is in selected cases necessary to confirm the diagnosis and assess invasive treatment. Pharmacotherapy aims to improve the survival of the patient, relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. The guideline also deals with invasive treatment either with PCI or CABG.

Pekka Porela (Chair)

Pirjo Mäntylä

Mari Blek-Vehkaluoto

Erkki Ilveskoski

Tatu Juvonen

Tero Kujanpää

Antti Loimaala

Tuula Meinander (Current Care Editor)

Eliisa Mäenpää

Hannu Romppanen

Antti Saraste

Ilkka Tierala