Current Care Summary
Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and Association of Finnish Pharmacies

Current Care Guideline «Itselääkitys»1 and Summary «Itselääkitys»2 in Finnish

Self-medication should always be temporary. Self-medication can be used to relief or treat many symptoms and conditions. In general self-medication is safe when used properly. However all medicines may cause adverse events or have interactions with other drugs. It is important to consider all used drugs and other self-medication products when new drugs are added to the medication list. Persons using the drugs as well as health care personnel should be aware of benefits and harms of drugs. The guideline has recommendations for 10 symptoms that are typically treated with self-medication.

Jorma Komulainen (Chair)

Janne Backman

Anna-Kaija Hannula

Aapo Honkanen

Katariina Lehtinen

Janne Mikkola

Virve Mikkonen

Kirsi Pietilä

Outi Salminen

Raija Sipilä

Tuula Teinilä

Leeni Tolvanen