Treatment of drug abuse

Current Care Summary
Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Finnish Society of Addiction Medicine

Current Care Guideline «Huumeongelmaisen hoito»1 and Summary «Huumeongelmaisen hoito»2 in Finnish

The Finnish treatment guarantee includes people with drug problems. All substance abusers are treated within the health-care system, in special service units of substance-abuse treatment services, and within the social welfare system. Psychosocial treatment- and rehabilitation methods, as well as supporting medications are reviewed and recommended. For maintenance treatment of opiate dependence either buprenorphine-naloxone or methadone is recommended.

Hannu Alho (chair)

Mauri Aalto

Sari Castrén

Timo Hytinantti

Hanna Kahila

Jorma Komulainen

Solja Niemelä

Kaarlo Simojoki