Updated 29.3.2019

It is permitted to quote the Current Care Guidelines, in accordance with good practices, to the extent necessary for the purpose in hand, provided that the source is stated:

  • All republications must state the website address in the following form: www.kaypahoito.fi
  • Superscript reference is permitted as part of the rest of the text, in accordance with good practices.

Reference in a text: (Atrial fibrillation: Current Care Guidelines Abstract, 2017).

In a list of references: Atrial fibrillation. Current Care Guidelines. Working group set up by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Finnish Cardiac Society. Helsinki: The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim, 2017 (referred March 3, 2018). Available online at: www.kaypahoito.fi

Reference in a slide: Atrial fibrillation: Current Care Guidelines, 2017 (referred March 3, 2018). www.kaypahoito.fi

When quoting a table or diagram, they must be entirely visible and the source given underneath the quotation, as with slides.

Quotations must always refer to the latest updated versions, which are freely available without passwords at our website on www.kaypahoito.fi.