Chronic leg ulcers

Current Care Summary
Working group set up by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Finnish Dermatological Society

Current Care Guideline «Krooninen alaraajahaava»1 and Summary «Krooninen alaraajahaava»2 in Finnish

Chronic leg ulcer is a common disorder affecting 1.3–3.6 % of people at some time of their life. The etiology of the ulcer can often be identified through careful clinical examination. The majority of leg ulcers are caused by venous or arterial insufficiency. The target of ulcer treatment should always be directed to the cause of the ulcer. Correction of the circulatory disorder is essential for ulcer healing. Since the probability of ulcer healing reduces as the ulcer becomes chronic, effective treatment should be initiated immediately. Skin grafting should be considered for ulcers > 20 cm2 and > 6 months duration.

Annikki Vaalasti (Chair)

Elina Heikkilä

Vesa Juutilainen

Matti Karppelin

Opri Kuokkanen

Ville Mattila

Ulla Siljamäki-Ojansuu

Jaakko Viljamaa