Preoperative evaluation

Current Care Summary
Working group set up by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Finnish Society of Anaesthesiologists

Current Care Guideline «Leikkausta edeltävä arviointi»1 and Summary «Leikkausta edeltävä arviointi»2 in Finnish

Concomitant diseases, the patient’s general condition, exercise capacity and the extent of surgery are determinants of the operative risk. Increasing number of patients with endovascular stents and antithrombotic medication need special perioperative precautions as well as the eventual endocarditis prophylaxis. The risk of perioperative complications can probably be decreased by respiratory physiotherapy, correction of anaemia and smoking cessation. Severe liver or kidney insufficiency need be evaluated. Principles of preoperative fasting and perioperative strategies with concomitant medication are described, and use of preoperative carbohydrate drinks are encouraged.

Jouko Jalonen

Hannu Kokki

Markku Hynynen

Merja Kokki

Leena Lindgren

Tuula Manner

Kristiina Mattila

Ville Mattila

Pirjo Mustonen

Markku Salmenperä

Harri Tohmo

Jaana Vironen