Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)

Current Care Summary
Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim, the Finnish Association of Phoniatrics and the Finnish Association of Paediatric Neurology

Current Care Guideline «Kehityksellinen kielihäiriö (kielellinen erityisvaikeus, lapset ja nuoret)»1 and Summary «Kehityksellinen kielihäiriö (kielellinen erityisvaikeus, lapset ja nuoret)»2 in Finnish

Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) affects a child’s functional, social and communication capacity. The associated language comprehension problems may be difficult to recognise in everyday life. Although the diagnosis of DLD is most reliable after four years of age, early support must be provided as soon as there is any suspicion of DLD. Diagnosis, rehabilitation and other therapeutic manoeuvres are based on multiprofessional co-operation.

Marja Asikainen (Chair)

Leena Ervast

Timo Ahonen

Jorma Komulainen

Krista Korhonen

Jaanamarja Nopola-Hemmi

Mari Qvarnström

Tiina Walldén