Current Care Summary
Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim , the Finnish Society of Internal Medicine and the Medical Advisory Board of the Finnish Diabetes Society

Current Care Guideline Type 2 Diabetes «Tyypin 2 diabetes»1 and Insulin-deficient Diabetes «Insuliininpuutosdiabetes»2

Summary «Diabetes»3 in Finnish

About 500,000 people suffer from diabetes in Finland, a number which is predicted to increase within the next decades. At the moment, diabetes can neither be prevented nor cured. Diabetes is associated with microvascular (kidney, eye and peripheral nerves) and macrovascular complications (coronary heart disease, stroke). These complications affect the quality of life of patients and account for a substantial proportion of healthcare costs in Finland. The current guidelines offer recommendations for the diagnosis, screening, prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications.

The current update provides a partly separate recommendation regarding insulin-deficient diabetes (including type 1 diabetes, secondary diabetes and genetic forms of diabetes).

Tiinamaija Tuomi (Chair)

Anne Antikainen

Mikko Honkasalo

Sari Härmä-Rodriguez

Pirjo Ilanne-Parikka

Tuula Meinander (Current Care Editor)

Helena Nuutinen

Marja Rautavirta

Päivi Rautiainen

Jaana Suokas

Anna-Kaisa Tuomaala