Palliative and end-of-life care

Current Care Summary
Working group set up by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and Finnish Association for Palliative Medicine

Current Care Guideline «Palliatiivinen hoito ja saattohoito»1 and Summary «Palliatiivinen hoito ja saattohoito»2 in Finnish

The updated Current Care Guideline focuses on medical symptom treatment when curative treatment is no longer possible. Palliative care should be available to all dying patients at all health care levels. The end-of-life treatment, with emphasis on adults and the elderly, but including some principles of children`s end-of-life care are described. More treatment options than before are available for psychosocial symptoms. Treatment options for e.g. pain, dyspnoea, delirium, gastro-intestinal and dermatological symptoms, ascites, dehydration and psychiatric symptoms are evaluated.

Tiina Saarto (Chair)

Katri Hamunen

Tarja Konttila

Tanja Laukkala

Juho Lehto

Ari Matila

Pirjo Mustonen

Reino Pöyhiä

Eeva Rahko

Sami Räsänen

Kirsti Sirkiä

Harri Tohmo

Eero Vuorinen

Liisa Väkevä