Borderline personality disorder

Current Care Summary
Working group set up by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Finnish Psychiatric Association

Current Care Guideline «Epävakaa persoonallisuus»1 and Summary «Epävakaa persoonallisuus»2 in Finnish

Borderline personality disorder is a severe disorder that increases disability to a considerable extent. Emotional instability, difficulties in regulating behavior and interpersonal relationships are essential features of the disorder. Borderline personality disorder has a more favorable course than previously thought. Dialectic behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, mentalization therapy and transference-focused psychotherapy seem to be effective. Hospital treatment should be carried out primarily in day hospital settings. Antipsychotics and to a lesser extent mood stabilizers may be used for a range of symptoms. SSRIs may be useful in the treatment of impulsivity and aggression. Benzodiazepines should be avoided.

Jyrki Korkeila

Liisa Kantojärvi

Hasse Karlsson

Matti Keinänen

Maaria Koivisto

Sari Lindeman

Heikki Nikkilä

Jan-Henry Stenberg

Tero Taiminen

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