Caries (control)

Current Care Summary
Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and Finnish Dental Society Apollonia

Current Care Guideline «Karies (hallinta)»1 and Summary in Finnish «Karies (hallinta)»2

The updated guideline emphasizes the cooperation of laypeople and dental professionals in preventing dental decay. Caries control in everyday life is most important. It includes brushing teeth twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste, following regular eating patterns, using water for quenching thirst and preventing early colonization of mutans streptococci. If caries lesions still develop, risk factors should be identified and tackled by individually tailored preventive program including monitoring its efficacy. Patient commitment, diet counselling, use of xylitol products, enhanced self-care and fluoride use, sealants, resin-infiltration and shortened recall intervals may be included in the preventive program.

Vuokko Anttonen (Chair)

Mirkka Järvinen

Kaija Komulainen

Antti Kämppi

Anne Laajala

Marja-Liisa Laitala

Marina Merne-Grafström

Kaisu Pienihäkkinen

Marja Pöllänen

Eija Salmela