Diabetic kidney disease

Current Care Summary
Working group set up by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Finnish Society of Nephrology

Current Care Guideline «Diabeteksen munuaistauti»1 and Summary «Diabeteksen munuaistauti»2 in Finnish

Diabetic kidney disease is a chronic disease with manifestations of reduced glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and increased albuminuria. Risk factors include poor glycemic control, hypertension, smoking, dyslipidemia and hereditary factors. Albuminuria and GFR should be screened annually for type 1 diabetics after more than 5 years and for type 2 diabetics from diagnosis. Renal function and response to treatment are monitored at least once a year. The progression of disease can be prevented by effective, comprehensive treatment of all risk factors which also reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular events. Drug treatment of progression of diabetic kidney disease has evolved considerably during last years.

Kaj Metsärinne (Chair)

Tuula Meinander

Satu Mäkelä

Leo Niskanen