Current Care Summary
Working group set up by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and Finnish Society of Internal Medicine

Current Care Guideline «Dyslipidemiat»1 and Summary «Dyslipidemiat»2 in Finnish

The updated guideline on dyslipidaemia is in concordance with European guidelines (2016). Management of dyslipidaemia aims to reduce the risk of vascular atherosclerotic diseases. Therapeutic targets for plasma LDL cholesterol, determined by risk assessment, range from concentrations < 1.8 mmol/l (persons at very high risk) and < 2.5 mmol/l (high risk) to < 3.0 mmol/l (moderate or low risk). Changes in lifestyle (diet, including replacement of saturated with unsaturated fat, and weight loss; physical activity, and nonsmoking) are the cornerstones, to be continued also with drug therapy. Drugs, mainly statins, are initiated when risk-stratified LDL targets are not reached otherwise.

Timo Strandberg (Chair)

Mikko Syvänne

Juhani Kahri

Eeva Ketola

Katriina Kukkonen-Harjula

Tiina Laatikainen

Niina Matikainen

Päivi Ruokoniemi

Matti K. Salo

Ursula Schwab

Hannu Vanhanen

Alpo Vuorio