Acute Kidney Injury

Current Care Summary
A working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim, the Finnish Society of Ananesthesiologists, Subdivision of Intensive Care Medicine and the Finnish Society of Nephrology

Current Care Guideline «Munuaisvaurio (akuutti)»1 and Summary «Munuaisvaurio (akuutti)»2 in Finnish

Acute Kidney Injury is an increasing problem. Prevention is based on early detection of risk patients, avoidance of nephrotoxic medications, and adequate fluid therapy with crystalloid solutions. Mortality does not differ between intermittent and continuous renal replacement therapy. Dose above 22 ml/kg/h does not decrease mortality.

Ville Pettilä (Chair)

Annika Laukkanen

Mikko Haapio

Leena Halme

Merja Hanski

Marja Puurunen (Current Care Editor)

Ari Uusaro

Maarit Wuorela