Antimicrobials in acute dentistry

Current Care Summary
Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and the Finnish Dental Society Apollonia

Current Care Guideline «Hammasperäiset äkilliset infektiot ja mikrobilääkkeet»1 and Summary in Finnish «Hammasperäiset äkilliset infektiot ja mikrobilääkkeet»2

In most cases, acute oral infections originate from the dentition. Dental procedures targeted at the infection source are the cornerstone of management. Antimicrobials are secondary to appropriate dental care and their use does not allow postponing elimination of the infection source. Medically compromised patients are more susceptible to odontogenic infection complications and antimicrobials have a more important role in their treatment. Due to increasing antimicrobial resistance prophylaxis and treatment should be considered individually and targeted at patients likely to benefit most, taking into account both the patient and procedure-related risk factors.

Riina Richardson (Chair)

Marja Pöllänen

Heikki Alapulli

Asko Järvinen

Mataleena Parikka

Marianne Pinnola

Tero Soukka

Leo Tjäderhane