The Assessment of sick leave

Current Care Summary
Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim

Current Care Guideline in Finnish «Sairauspoissaolon tarpeen arviointi»1 and Summary in Finnish «Sairauspoissaolon tarpeen arviointi»2

This new Guideline focuses on the early assessment of sick leave and support on return-to-work practices such as part-time sick leave. The aim of this guideline is to help clinicians to utilize sick leave as a part of treatment and rehabilitation in line with international research evidence, national legislation and good clinical practice guidance on individual diseases. The role of occupational health care is emphasized especially in those situations when sick leave continues over 90 days during a two-year period. Also evaluation of unemployed adults is discussed.

Working group appointed by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim

Guideline panel

Jorma Komulainen (Chair)

Leena Ala-Mursula

Kari Haring

Jukkapekka Jousimaa

Lauri Keso

Tanja Laukkala

Kari-Pekka Martimo

Kristiina Mukala

Tuula Oksanen

Riitta Sauni

Jan Schugk

Riitta Työläjärvi

Arto Virtanen

Alpo Vuorio

Writing group

Jorma Komulainen

Tanja Laukkala

Writing group’s consultants

Leena Ala-Mursula

Alpo Vuorio